A Crime Novel in the Pulp Tradition...

Billy levered himself further over the window sill and nearly came down into the dead man's lap as he lost his balance and his feet left the ground. His hand shot down quickly, bounced off the dead man's thigh and hit the seat, stopping him just a few inches above the man's lap and a small splattering of bone and blood that was there. His hand slipped but he pressed down harder...


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Author Geo Dell...

— October 20, 2014

Geo's Blog for october 20th 2014

Geo goes into depth about his own plans, the direction for The Zombie Plagues, answers some questions and talks about the cold…

— October 18, 2014

Free Books List

Free books for your weekend reading from various writers. Zombie Fiction, Apocalyptic Fiction, Horror, Short fiction and more!

— October 18, 2014

Fall Deals from DIYGUITARKIT

Fall deals from Geo's Guitar Site. Fender Acoustics, Acoustic Tune Up Kits, and more...

— October 15, 2014

The Zombie Plagues Book Four - Geo Dell

Geo Dell's Fourth entry in the Zombie Plague series is now available...

— October 13, 2014

The Zombie Plagues will not be available on Amazon

No amazon for you. Geo pulls the Zombie Plagues from amazon. Decides on just one distributor.

— October 11, 2014

Geo - Fender CD60 Studio guitar build

Geo Starts the Fender CD60 build. Installment one. NOTE: These are free to download and read as long as the copyright notice is…

— October 10, 2014

Earth's Survivors to The Zombie Plagues

The Earth's Survivors books are now The Zombie Plagues.

— October 10, 2014

Books by Geo Dell

A list of books by Geo Dell with links...

— October 6, 2014


Acoustic Guitar Tune Up Kits and more

— October 6, 2014

Geo's Blog for October 6th 2014

I talk about the writing schedule, Pepper the cat and list the free books and author's with links...

— October 2, 2014

About Geo Dell

Learn a little about Geo Dell and his books

— September 30, 2014

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Author Dell Sweet


Author Dell Sweet
October 20th
The Blog rolls forward. This blog answers questions and reveals a closer look at Geo, his plans, the direction for the series and more......
October 18th
Deals on Fender Acoustic Guitars and Acoustic Tune Up Kits......
October 18th
Free books for this weekend...
October 15th
Link for the Zombie Plagues Book Two by Geo Dell...
October 13th
Geo lowers the boom on the Earth's Survivors books permanently....
October 10th
The Earth's Survivors series is now officially named The Zombie Plagues......