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Author Geo Dell...

— September 1, 2014

Dell's Blog for 09-01-2014

Dell Sweet talks a little humour, discusses the book situation, sets a deadline for the killing of the short stories and where…

— August 29, 2014

The Zombie Plauges Kindle Books

The Zombie Plagues for your Kindle

— August 27, 2014

Free book for you

Free book download for 08-27-14

— August 27, 2014

Guitar Fender

Fender Project guitar deals

— August 27, 2014

Book Links

Crime novels, pulp fiction, Graphic novels, Zombie Apocalypse and more

— August 25, 2014

DIYGUITARKIT our sponser

A sale notice from our sponsor!

— August 25, 2014

Geo's Blog 08-25-2014

Book links, free reads and dieting...

— August 23, 2014

guitar neck repair

Geo dells guitar site - Neck repair

— August 22, 2014

Bone Nut and Saddle project

This is a complete DIY article on shaping a bone nut and saddle for an acoustic guitar.

— August 22, 2014

The Earth's Survivors Book Series

Check out things you didn't know about the Earth's survivors Trilogy, and, What the Hell Happened with Myth Busters???

— August 22, 2014

Deals on Fender Acoustic Guitars

DIY Fender Acoustic Projects from our Sponsor - DIYGUITARKIT.COM DIYGK

— August 22, 2014

The Zombie Plagues

The Zombie Plagues are Now Available on Amazon


Author Dell Sweet


Author Dell Sweet
September 1st
Dell's Blog for today. The writing schedule, books, short stories, future plans and more from Dell's mouth. A free peek at a future book Dell is working on....
August 29th
The Zombie Plagues will be the free book selection for today. Available to download free until midnight tonight!...
August 27th
The Free Kindle Book for today....
August 25th
Links to books, free read links and a long blog about diet......
August 22nd
Fender Acoustic Projects....
August 22nd
The dead are in the streets!!! Oh, wait, it's a book. But still!!!...