A Crime Novel in the Pulp Tradition...

Billy levered himself further over the window sill and nearly came down into the dead man's lap as he lost his balance and his feet left the ground. His hand shot down quickly, bounced off the dead man's thigh and hit the seat, stopping him just a few inches above the man's lap and a small splattering of bone and blood that was there. His hand slipped but he pressed down harder...


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Author Geo Dell...

— December 15, 2014

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— December 5, 2014

New Links, Books, Free Books and More.

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Writer Geo Dell's LAst Blog

This is the last blog from independAntwriters Geo Dell

— November 28, 2014

Crime Novels

A long novel and a short story, both very good...

— November 24, 2014

Geo Dell's Blog -11-24-2014

The next to the last blog. Geo talks about the world and the book series.

— November 20, 2014

Pulp Style Fiction

Some Pulp Style ebooks

— November 17, 2014

Geo's Blog for today, November 17th 2014

I talk about the writing schedule, my cat, that vagaries of winter, and oh yes, the return of the Earth's Survivors series and a…

— November 12, 2014

The Zombie Plagues Books

By Geo Dell The Zombie Plagues was Started on the Earth's Survivors website several years back as a series of weekly stories…

— November 10, 2014

Guitar Works Vol. 2

The Second Guitar Works Guide is now available in Paperback...

— November 10, 2014

Geo Dell's Blog for Monday, November 10th 2014

I give a rundown on the Earth's Survivors books, The Zombie Plagues books and the OutRunners books. I also include the free…

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Free Book download for this weekend - Geo Dell

Books to download free....

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Guitar Works

Guides to help you through that custom guitar build


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