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Author Geo Dell...

— July 30, 2014

Zero Zero

Zero Zero ALL Links

— July 30, 2014

Guitar Deals

Guitar deals... Fender and Schecter...

— July 30, 2014

The Zombie Plagues on Amazon

The Zombie Plagues for your Kindle. Direct downloads from Amazon.

— July 28, 2014

Guitars and parts

Check out the huge selection of Fender project Acoustics I have in stock, as well as Fender strat project bodies.

— July 28, 2014

billy jingo free

Billy Jingo is a book that Dell Sweet and I wrote. Get it free now through Smashwords!

— July 28, 2014

Zero Zero is released

A new book from Dell Sweet. Use the coupon code in this post to get 75% off the book! (Expires Aug. 28th 2014.

— July 25, 2014

Geo's Guitars

Guitars and parts. Fender string deals from our sponsor

— July 25, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Plagues from Geo Dell. Free download of the first book.

— July 25, 2014

Billy Jingo - Hurricane previews

Free previews of Billy Jingo and Hurricane

— July 23, 2014

Free weekend books

Geo's list of free books for the upcoming weekend

— July 21, 2014

Free Books

Geo takes over the duties of Dell's Blog. Free books and more...

— July 12, 2014

Free Kindle Books Today

Twp from writer Andrea Tyse: I, Illicit and I'm Your Bully. Both adult based books and very good reads. And one from…


Author Dell Sweet


Author Dell Sweet
July 30th
Geo Dell's The Zombie Plagues is now available for your Kindle directly through Amazon....
July 30th
Zero Zero for Kindle. Now it's available on Amazon......
July 28th
News for the Earth's Survivors Book Series....
July 28th
Billy Jingo is now a free download for the complete book....
July 28th
Dell Sweet's new book Zero Zero is released......
July 25th
Free previews of Billy Jingo and Hurricane...